Friday, December 4, 2009


How are you there?
I will always by your side, I swear,
I rather die for you, I dare,
only you that I'm really care.

I really miss you,
I hope you miss me too,
I don't know how to go trough,
without you I drown in a sea blue.

Hey you Im here always fine,
Im learning many good things and kind,
I hope my heart will not be blind,
in my heart your are like sunshine.

I don't want to run away,
now I prefer to stay,
waiting for you here and there,
your name always in my pray.

I'm sorry for all my fault,
always complaint north until south,
without thinking what you thought,
let you down after we fought.

Hey dear, my love to you is priceless,
my tought of you is boundless,
I pray to Allah for your happiness,
we going through all the bless and sadness.

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